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Roxana Saberi: "I Was Never A Spy, I Am Not A Spy, And I Will Never Be A Spy"

On Good Morning America, Roxana Saberi discussed her imprisonment in Iran, explaining that she only confessed to being a U.S. spy after being threatened with imprisonment and execution, and later she took back her confession. Diane Sawyer is mainly interested in the 32-year-old "American girl"'s tears. Clip at left.


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Another story that I'm following closely is that of the 7 peaceful, law-abiding leaders of the Baha'i Faith who have been jailed for over a year without charges, evidence, or access to their lawyer...if Iran thinks the world is watching, they are less likely to engage in this kind of persecution, so speak up wherever you can.

Check out [] to learn more about the Baha'i leaders.