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Rosie Perez Had a Girlfriend Once Who She Wanted to Hump All The Time

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“Quasi straight” actress/author/talk show host/dancer/choreographer Rosie Perez had a lesbian relationship in middle school with a girl named ‘Michelle,’ whom, apparently, Rosie wanted to “hump all the time.”


Perez shared the relatively racy details from her past not to raise eyebrows, but to raise awareness for the LGBT organization The Trevor Project, which helps support teens in talking about their sexuality. She also said she felt ‘alone’ during that period of her life, and wishes she had a group like The Trevor Project to tell her that “you’re normal, don’t worry. You’ll figure it out.”

[The Hollywood Reporter]


The video for Madonna’s eponymous ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ track comes out tomorrow—and it looks like a venerable melting pot of bad bitchery, produced by whoever made Beyoncé’s ‘Grown Woman’ montage. Props to King Nicki Minaj for sharing a teaser clip on Instagram, which I’ve so far watched no less than 75 76 times. [Billboard]

Illustration for article titled Rosie Perez Had a Girlfriend Once Who She Wanted to Hump All The Time

Kim Richards is “committed” to 90 days in rehab, which means she, herself, has committed to sticking it out for three months after getting kicked out of two previous rehab centers. What makes me sad—as someone who doesn’t really watch much TV but writes about it here—it’s obvious that she needs help, badly, but since personal troubles = viewers/clicks, no one (seems to be/is) taking this seriously. At least that’s how it looks from the eyes of a person who slings celebrity gossip a few nights a week. Either way: godspeed, Kim. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Kate Upton is too busy looking chic at LAX to worry about her alleged beef with Mariah Carey. [Daily Mail]


Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her future self and (yawn). [People]

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•That chick who won The Bachelor then dumped The Bachelor to keep her job at Facebook just mutually dumped her job at E! [Us Weekly]

•Who knew? Nick Jonas had a girlfriend: former Miss Universe (and New England native, holla!) Olivia Culpo. Emphasis on ‘had,’ ‘cause I guess they just broke up. [Us Weekly]


Kelly Osbourne: poisonous spider attractor. [Radar]

•‘Industry’ types are still attempting to decipher Lil Wayne’s claims that he’d just signed a “motherfucking deal with Jay Z.” Hmm. [Grantland]


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man... i was not thinking about sex in middle school. i was thinking about ice cream and making out with every boy in school. i don’t remember ever thinking past making out during that time.