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Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace Confirmed as New Hosts of The View

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We now know who the two new hosts of The View will be—Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace.


According to Deadline, which has confirmed the story with ABC, Perez and Wallace will fill the seats recently vacated by previous hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd. The new hosts are part of what is being dubbed a "top-to-bottom makeover" of the daytime talk show. The makeover "includes a new studio, new set, new logo and new behind-the-scenes team led by new executive producer Bill Wollf," according to Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.

Perez is an actress, choreographer (the mad genius behind the Fly Girls of In Living Color), who is best known for her roles in Do the Right Thing and White Men Can't Jump. Also she was in a Law and Order episode once which is always the most important thing about pretty much everyone's career, period. I have a friend who accidentally bumped into her in a hallway once. He describes it as "the most totally awesome moment" of his life.


Wallace is a Conservative political commentator and author. Via her website:

Wallace, who served as communications chief for George W. Bush's White House and re-election campaign, was credited with "injecting a tremendous amount of realism" into White House deliberations. According to theWashington Post, she served as "a voice for more openness with reporters" (Washington Post, June 28, 2006). The New York Times story announcing her presidential appointment carried the headline: "New Aide Aims to Defrost the Press Room" (January 10, 2005). Wallace was described by former colleagues as "very persuasive in the halls of the West Wing." Wallace also served as senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. She appeared frequently on network and cable news programs as the campaign's top spokesman and defender.

I do not have any friends who have accidentally bumped into her.

The new show, featuring Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell as moderators, debuts on Sept. 15.

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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

I meant to include a bit more about Perez's community activism. She advocates on behalf of Puerto Rican rights and has been very outspoken about HIV/AIDs (along with many other issues!). That's probably a very big part of why they think she'd be such a good fit for this show. I'm sorry I forgot to include that but I meant to! That story about my friend is really, really important to the article though.