Roseanne Barr Is Feuding With Her Former Co-Stars Now

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Roseanne “I am now quitting Twitter” Barr is anything but. Who knows, perhaps the weak, egomaniacal comment from our freaking president emboldened her or something. In any case, she just needed a few hours to gather her thoughts, then continue to fuel this nightmare news cycle.


Barr spent much of Wednesday retweeting her well-wishers and feuding with former Roseanne cast members who took issue with her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett—you know, the one her show was cancelled over yesterday. Here’s Barr taking on Roseanne actor Sara Gilbert:

Barr also seemed to feel attacked by former co-star Michael Fishman, after he disavowed her racist comments.


Expect more of the same.



According to tweets SZA published then deleted on Tuesday evening, the singer’s vocal cord woes may be more severe than initially supposed. Vulture’s got the screenshot to prove it.

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A little over a week ago, SZA announced she’d be missing several TDE Championship Tour performances to treat her swollen vocal cords.



Just sharing the love.


New Melania


  • Kendall Jenner has been romantically linked (maybe?) to NBA star Ben Simmons. It’s casual or perhaps not even a thing! [Us Weekly]
  • Mariah Carey replaced that engagement ring she ditched (and sold for a reported $2.1 million) for a couple of sparkly butterfly ring. [People]
  • Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, is mad at Wendy Williams in what is quickly becoming a chain reaction of beef. [The Cut]
  • Why would you want to fully appreciate a vest? [Marie Claire]
  • Wait, this headline’s even worse. I’m all dirtbagged out now, bye. [People]

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Something has really been bugging me lately.

With ALL of the bullshit revolving around NFL players kneeling during the anthem, I haven’t seen a single Trumpie call out Roseanne for her rendition of the national anthem back in 1990. She stood there and actually made a mockery of it. Yet the bigger issue is athletes objecting to police brutality during Muricah’s sacred song.

If you need a refresher (video sucks but audio is decent):