Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay Have Joined Forces to Save America's Racist Jokes

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In the Year of Our Lord 2019, comedy is under siege. PC Police and Twitter account-wielding SJWs patrol Laugh Factory after Laugh Factory, hunting for the brave comedians who refuse to reject comedy’s time-honored tradition of reducing ethnic groups to stereotypes and/or joking about rape. Thankfully, heroes walk among us—chiefly, Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay, who are teaming up for a comedy tour. We are so truly blessed.


Fox News reports that Barr and Clay’s “Mr. And Mrs. America” tour—which kicks off on Long Island and in Atlantic City, NJ in September—was “inspired by the national obsession with political discourse and, occasionally, the alleged policing of comedians’ language.” Clay told the outlet he wanted to join forces with Barr (who seems to have made it back from the Holy Land) because he was tired of people “policing” comedians.

Per Fox News:

“America really needs to lighten up and not worry about the words comedians use because it’s all we have. There’s clean stuff and there’s street stuff. I’m a street guy because I tell it like it is,” Clay said.

As a reminder, Barr’s career recently imploded after she used some (racist) words to make a (racist) tweet about Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to Barack Obama, but that’s just Roseanne being wacky! Lighten up, America!

“She’s a comic because she’s wacky. I’ve known her since we were kids,” Clay told Fox News. “When people ask about what she said, I say, ‘She’s a comic!’ We gotta stop policing comedians. This is America!”


Clay also said that people should “[c]alm down with your political conversations” and that “[w]hoever is running the country, nobody else’s life changes,” which, LOL, so true! Can’t wait for the Feminazi Joke Fountain to Spring Eternal.




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