Roots Cover of Sesame Street Theme Will Thrill Your Inner Child

In the most recent season of Portlandia, there was a sketch about a group of hipster parents who decide to start a band with the goal of making kids' music more listenable. Naturally, complications arise because COMEDY, but the reality of the situation is much more simple. If you want to make children's music cool, all you have to do is let the Roots perform it and — POOF! — it becomes enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


Dubious? Check out the Roots and Jimmy Fallon's cover of the Sesame Street theme song and try NOT to let your heart flood with happy nostalgia. You can't do it! It's impossible!

Now who do we have to lobby to get Black Thought's rap added to the Sesame Street theme permanently?

(Watch other Roots/Fallon/kiddie instrument covers here and here.)



I know I've posted this here before, but just in case anyone else needs convincing that the Roots should make ALLLLL the kiddie music. Seriously, I love this so much.