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Taylor Swift is good at getting what she wants, and something she appears to want more than anything is a large, eclectic collection of living human accessories. Or, I mean, friends. But there appears to be one human being she desires who has resisted her gravitational pull, and that person is none other than Carol star Rooney Mara.


OK reports Swift is “desperate to rope [the] 31-year-old actress into joining her ‘girl squad,’” but that Mara has told her to “take a hike.” Said a source:

“Rooney doesn’t want to be part of anybody’s entourage, despite Taylor’s incessant string of invitations to party. She even turned down Taylor’s invite to her July 4th Rhode Island bash.”


Below is an artist’s interpretation of how that July 4th “bash” would have looked had Mara attended:

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And now, some Bella Thorne tweets:

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