Ron Lester of Varsity Blues Has Passed Away at 45

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Actor Ron Lester was most famous for his role as Billy Bob in the teen football drama Varsity Blues.


US Magazine reports that Lester passed away late on Friday, surrounded by family in a Dallas hospital. He had been battling liver and kidney problems, which he was hopeful about overcoming late last year:


Lester was also known for his roles on WB series Popular and fan favorite Freaks and Geeks. After undergoing a gastric bypass surgery in 2001, he said that he had trouble getting cast because he lost a drastic 350 pounds. He seemed to celebrate the changes, telling, “I sold my ‘niche’ for my chance to live... I would never trade the life I have now with … the endless opportunities I have in store for me, with my old life.”

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Dr. Melody Pond

So sad! I’m so sorry for his financé and family. He went to my high school; he graduated a few years before I did. I met him after Varsity Blues and Popular success. We chatted for a bit, and he seemed genuinely kind.