Is Dedicating This Week to Women

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By all accounts, Roger and Chaz Ebert's partnership was a great one; they were a pair of people who both loved and respected each other, who also managed to work together successful. Since Ebert's death, Chaz has worked hard to make sure that his legacy lives on through his website and this week, she's continuing that work by publishing only pieces written by women.


"This week we are tackling the age old question, how are women different than men?" Chaz writes, noting that the vast majority of movies are about men and the vast majority of movie reviews are written by men. She writes that this Week of Women was an experiment Ebert himself wanted to try, prompted by conversations the couple would have where they found they "could see a difference in our own thoughts about a movie, and we could pinpoint it to gender."

"Men and women are just raised differently in our society and so it shouldn't be a surprise that we may think differently," Chaz adds.

The pieces up today include list of Alyssa Rosenberg's favorite moments involving women on film and TV and an essay by Nell Minow on the magic of Barbara Stanwyck. Stuff to look forward to: reviews and articles on Blue is the Warmest Color, the new Hobbit movie, Ms. 45 and the Kathleen Hanna documentary Punk Singer.



Ebert falls into the category of person I never met personally but I still can't believe is gone. I miss him, his reviews, his insights so much. I used to comment occasionally over on his blog, and he wrote back twice. I practically cried, I was so thrilled.

I still wander over to from time to time in the vague hope that he'll find a way to Ouija Board the Interwebs from the Beyond and send us some reviews.