Rodeo Announcer Says Michelle Obama Belongs in National Geographic Magazine [Updated]

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In a move that has brought shame upon the noble profession of rodeo announcing, a lone moe-ron at a small California rodeo has set back mainstream acceptance of airbrushed cowboy hats with hot pink feathered roach clips attached to them by decades. During a rootin', tootin' jamboree this weekend, the announcer made a joke about the First Lady being offered $50 to appear in National Geographic magazine. GET IT?!?!

But wait, there's context. You see, jokester Ed Kutz was making a comparison between attractiveness of Mrs. Obama and potential future First Lady Ann Romney. Romney, he said, was offered $250,000 to appear in Playboy magazine (yeah, Playboy loves the 63-year-olds) whereas Obama, who possesses inferior attractiveness to Romney, was only offered a tiny, pathetic sum to appear in a magazine that often features pictures of animals. Har har har! The lady married to the guy I'm voting for is prettier and less black than the lady the other guy is married to!

According to sources who were in attendance at the rodeo, the joke did not go over well and was met with boos from the crowd. A reporter from a local newspaper who was in attendance even called it "conduct unbecoming the rodeo announcer." Organizers of the event are demanding Kutz apologize, but so far, no word from the comedian. He's on location for a photoshoot for this month's issue of Dickbag Digest.


Update: Apparently the announcer was misidentified in initial reports of this incident. We've updated to reflect that.


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Dodai Stewart

I think the National Geographic crack is not about animals but about its old reputation as a place for seeing naked tribespeople. Either way: Bad.