Rodarte's Fall-Winter Collection Is Star Wars-Themed

Illustration for article titled Rodartes Fall-Winter Collection Is emStar Wars/em-Themed

In maybe the best thing to happen at Fashion Week so far, Rodarte's show just closed with gowns printed with images of Yoda, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and the Death Star.

(Sorry, Opening Ceremony's chocolate wall, you are no longer the most fun/bloggable thing this season has yielded.)

As one would expect, the emergence of the Star Wars-printed dresses prompted a social media flurry:


Stay tuned; we will have the compleat show in all its glorie, photographed on an actual camera, later today — in the meantime, let us ponder: WHICH CELEBRITY WILL GET TO WEAR THE YODA DRESS TO THE OSCARS?

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Gotta say—never cared for Rodarte (their past collections always struck me as "arts and crafts project gone weird"), and this collection is no exception, despite my deep love of Star Wars.

They do get points for only using images from the Holy Trilogy, though. (So it would seem from a quick glance at least.)