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Rocky Horror Picture Show Is Next In Line For the Remake Treatment

Illustration for article titled iRocky Horror Picture Show/i Is Next In Line For the Remake Treatment

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and surprise, surprise—it’s getting a remake. Fox plans to recreate the 1975 cult classic in the form of a two-hour television special. Rocky Horror has a pretty passionate fan base, one that has held countless midnight movie screenings famous for its sing-a-longs and audience participation, so remaking this film is especially RISQUÉ.


According to Deadline, two of the movie’s original producers are on board and High School Musical’s Kenny Ortega is set to direct and choreograph. At least it doesn’t appear to be a case of amateur hour. No rumors yet on which hot young stars will be in the running to play Brad, Janet and Magenta or if we can expect a cameo by the “Sweet Transvestite” himself, Mr. Tim Curry.

Still, remakes are beginning to feel like cockroaches: multiplying at a swift amount, never seeming to die. We’re still wondering how anyone would dare recreate the infamous Freddie Prinze hacky sack scene from She’s All That and now we have to figure out who will be donning fishnets and garter belts as the Dr. Frank-N-Furter. For some reason James Franco just flashed in my mind.


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The Gaysian

I have honestly never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, and my friends say I’m a “bad gay” for never watching it. Is it any good? Do you recommend it?