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Robyn Has Her Own Stamp in Sweden, Let's All Move to Sweden

Illustration for article titled Robyn Has Her Own Stamp in Sweden, Lets All Move to Sweden

Start planning your move to Sweden, at which time you will give up on email and return exclusively to sending letters, because starting January 15 you can stamp them all with Robyn's face.


As Vulture points out, Robyn is one of several Swedish artists who have created important pop music that are getting stamps: the others are Max Martin, First Aid Kit, Avicii and Seinabo Sey. Additionally, PostNord (the name of the mail system in Sweden and Denmark) wrote in their press release, "Sweden, with a population of only 9 million, is third in world in pop music exports." GO SWEDEN.

Image by Jenny Mörtsell from photo by Andreas Larsson/PostNord

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Good excuse as any to post this (it's my jam!):