Robin Roberts and Lupita Nyong’o Endure Interview About a Movie No One Knows Shit About

Lupita Nyong’o appeared on Good Morning America Friday morning to discuss her role in the upcoming Star Wars movie because Disney is the parent company of both ABC and Lucasfilm. Synergy!

This would be fairly unremarkable if it weren’t for the fact that Robin Roberts and Lupita Nyong’o were basically forced to have a conversation about absolutely nothing. They sat there and talked about a movie neither of them has seen in full and one that Lupita can’t divulge any interesting or relevant information about.

The ridiculousness of this interview says less about the two women involved, who are both as close to human perfection as possible, and more about the inanity that is a press tour.


Robin asks about the film’s use of motion capture which, snooze, and eventually tries to segue that into a discussion about the diversity of Lupita’s career.

I hope they both cashed their checks and had a good little chuckle about this silliness when it was finally and mercifully over. GMA, however, seems thrilled with this riveting footage.

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