Robert Durst Confirms He Wrote Anonymous 'Cadaver' Letter

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Robert Durst, the real estate tycoon who is soon expected to stand trial for the 1982 murder of his friend Susan Berman, admitted in court documents that it was he who wrote the notorious tip-off letter letting authorities know where Berman’s body was.


CNN reports that in a recent Los Angeles court filing, Durst’s lawyers confirm that he did write the tip-off letter which was prominently featured in the HBO series The Jinx. In 2000 an anonymous letter was mailed to the Beverly Hills police department with an address and the word “cadaver,” which led police to Berman’s body. In the show the handwriting on the anonymous letter is discovered to mirror Durst’s, particularly in the similar incorrect spellings of the word “Beverley Hills.” After Durst is confronted with the similarities on the show, he says “I killed them all” on a hot mic.

Durst’s lawyers believe doesn’t change anything. “This does not change the fact that Bob Durst did not kill Susan Berman and he does not know who did,” they told CNN. Previously, Durst was acquitted in 2003 of murdering his neighbor Morris Black after shooting him in self-defense and then dismembering his body “in a panic.” Durst’s wife Kathleen McCormack Durst also went missing in 1982, who was declared legally dead in 2017. Her body has never been found.

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I was looking for more info on him to refresh my memory and there are some real gems on

“As a child, his eccentricities included pretending to be in a school band and hiding his tuba in the woods.”


(but also what does it mean, hiding your tuba in the woods? Are people coming across it and bringing it back continually? Or is he hiding it, finding it again, then letting someone know?)

In 2000, the same year as Berman’s murder, a cross-dressing Robert turned up in Galveston. Dressed in drag and posing as a mute woman called Dorothy Ciner (the name of an actual childhood acquaintance), Durst moved into a shabby apartment in the Texas coastal city.”

Like, not a nighttime performance - he was pretending to be a woman to everyone in the neighborhood (until he murdered someone )

“Still dressed in a woman’s wig, Durst was apprehended while stealing a sandwich, a newspaper, and a Band-Aid from a Pennsylvania supermarket.”

A single bandaid??

The dude seems a little unhinged and like someone who managed to get super lucky considering he’s not in jail yet and can somehow afford lawyer fees (???)