Robberies Are Increasing in the Upper East Side

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The Daily Mail reports that New York City’s wealthy Upper East Side neighborhood has seen a 286% increase in robberies over the past four weeks. During this same time period last year, there were only 14 robberies reported in the neighborhood—this year, there were 27. Data shows that reports of robberies are also on the rise in other wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods. In Tribeca and SoHo, robberies were up by 175% in July, and in the West Village, they were up by 50%.


Although robberies increased the most significantly, shootings across the city also increased in July—a trend that some worry will be used to justify an increased police presence during a time when tensions are already high between law enforcement and city residents. Considering the economic recession, incredibly high unemployment rates, and, you know, that blasted global pandemic, it’s not surprising that many people are feeling desperate.

Eat the rich indeed.

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Cops across the country are hell-bent on trying to pin this on the protests. You know, nevermind the pandemic which has produce epic and record levels of unemployment, GDP contraction, and just general economic displacement. Forget the GOP delaying and obstructing literal emergency aid to the country.