Rob Kardashian Moves In With Blac Chyna, His Family Spontaneously Combusts

After infuriating the Kardashian-Jenners with his Tuesday Instagram of Blac Chyna *clover emoji* his new girlfriend *clover emoji*, Rob Kardashian has taken his effort to bring draaaamaaaaa to their lives to an entirely new level by packing a bag and moving into her home.


Writes TMZ:

Rob, who was living at Khloe’s house, has been at B.C.’s digs for 5 days and counting. As for how it happened ... we’re told Rob made the first move by DM’ing Chyna 2 weeks ago.

We’re told Rob genuinely likes Chyna and is not hooking up to upset his family ... but we’re told it has definitely upset the Kardashian brood. Kylie has been at war with Tyga’s baby mama for more than a year.

“He’s not” ;) “hooking up” ;) “to upset” ;) “his family” ;). That noise you just heard was the roofs of 2-4 Calabasas homes shooting into the stratosphere.


Eileen Davidson, soap opera star and cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2014, referred to her new coworkers “frightening” and called filming the show “an abusive situation” in a recent interview with Jenny McCarthy.

She said:

“I had a physical reaction [to the women]. It was frightening. It was frightening and I think another reason for coming back for my second season was based on the fact that those kinds of things wouldn’t be happening...It wasn’t going to be that kind of a show.”


When asked whether or not she thought of the show as “an abusive situation,” she continued:

“That’s a fantastic question. Yes. … it was really toxic and not fun and not a good thing.”


Davidson said the upcoming season is better because “it’s dealing with real stuff and conflict perhaps between personalities but not that really kind of over-the-top bitchy scary stuff.”

[Radar Online]

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I wiki’ed Blac Chyna and learned that her name is really Angela White. Tyga is Michael Stephenson.

I have a pretty meh name in real life too, guys. Henceforth, I shall be known as Whyte Panthr. Can I have a Kardashian feud now?