Rob Kardashian Drove 26 Hours to Pick Up Blac Chyna After She Was Arrested In Texas

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Are you sick of this? I’m not. I’ll never be sick of this because this is the best thing to come out of the Kardashians since, well, since Rob popped out of Kris!


As you may have heard, Blac Chyna was arrested for public intoxication at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport while waiting for a connecting flight to London on Friday. But while she was having her mugshot taken, the clover of her life, Rob Kardashian, hopped in his Bentley (much like his mother did earlier that day) and started driving east. 26 hours later, he was in Austin, TX, and Chyna was by his side.

They began driving back to LA yesterday, as you can see in Blac Chyna’s Instagram video below. God, I hope they go out of their way and stop in Las Vegas on the way home, because what this story needs is a revenge marriage.


A search warrant recently obtained by TMZ reveals a stalker sent Rihanna multiple threatening messages last year. In one, he threatened to kill her. In another, he posted a selfie outside her home and captioned it, “Outside yo house.” At one point, he even sent her a photo of himself masturbating.

Fortunately, he won’t be doing any of that during her ANTI tour, as “cops found the guy and put him in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains.”

Though Mariah Carey just became engaged to That Billionaire, she still respects the non-billionaires in her life. Here’s what she had to say about co-parenting with her sort-of-ex-husband (they’re not officially divorced yet), Nick Cannon:

“I think we are trying our best. I really do. I know I am trying my best and I think he is too. I know they love being with him and it’s nice and I will always say positive things about him to the kids.”


Positive things likely include “he always put the seat down,” “I only had to tell him to do things once,” and “he was...eager to please.”

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Maybe he saw on Jez that Kris was on her way over.