Ringo Starr Now 'Sir' Ringo Starr, Thank You Very Much

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Ringo Starr will join fellow former Beatle Paul McCartney in knighthood, having been included on Queen Elizabeth’s honors list for 2018. Though being a knight IRL is not nearly as cool as they make it look in the movies, he does get to be called “Sir” Ringo Starr in any and all future obituaries, so there’s that.


The BBC reports that in addition to Starr, BeeGees cofounder Barry Gibb will also get knighted, along with former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and novelist Michael Morpurgo, who wrote War Horse. Dancer Darcey Bussell, who judges the British TV show Strictly Come Dancing, will become a dame, while actor Hugh Laurie, on whom I had all the crushes back when he was on House, gets a CBE, or Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Journalist Alexandra Schulman, who previously served as editor-in-chief of British Vogue, has also been awarded a CBE.

It is unclear whether any of these people will be invited to the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so while getting on this list is certainly an honor, it’s not the biggest honor, IMO.


Mortal Dictata

The Honours system is a load of shit. You get a few celebs like Ringo getting Knighthoods or major awards like OBE or CBE and then some “ordinary heroes” like old lollipop ladies or postmen getting smaller awards like MBEs or Empire Medals (they really need to get to changing the name from the Order of the British Empire given it only comprises of a large rock next to Spain and some penguins in the South Atlantic) to seem like it’s about “recognition”.

You know who they don’t want you to talk about though? The Knighthoods to members of the 1922 Committee, the group who manage Tory backbenchers and keep them in line and stop open dissent against Theresa May, or the Knighthood for Nick Clegg who got the Tories into power for the last 7 years (his likely marked down as “for services to spinal research” I imagine given his complete lack of one).

Whole thing’s a fucking sham for the gladhanding of politicians and it’ll be better once it’s gone.