Riley Curry Feels Blessed

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As of last night, the Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s new Western Conference champs. In more important news, Riley Curry made her return to the post-game podium to give a speech.


Watch and aw as Riley sings the chorus from Big Sean’s “Blessings,” while her dad—guy named Steph Curry—remains serious and focused on the challenge ahead.

We are #blessed. This whole family is #blessed.

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gourmet goober

I’m so torn about this. Riley is truly the cutest thing on Earth. And she definitely has personality to spare. On the other hand, I do sort of feel for the reporters. My hubby used to do this for work so I know the reporters’ side of things. Often times, they come in with some questions that their editors are demanding that they get answered. They only have a limited amount of time with each athlete. And it does sometimes get disruptive to have the press conference interrupted for something like this. Many of these reporters are not the big name columnists with exclusive access but mainly beat reporters trying to get their questions answered. It would be like if Riley went to your job and wilded out while you’re on the phone with a client. Cute as hell? Yes. But it would still take away from what you’re trying to do.