Rihanna's Fashion Show Is Coming to a TV Near You

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The modern fashion show as we know it has been dying for quite some time: designers are ditching the regular season schedules, influencers have replaced models, and legacy brands are shuttering their high-end lines as the business model falters. The pretty spectacle of a big-budget fashion show, which often lasts just under 30 minutes, is a dying art, but Rihanna hasn’t gotten the memo.

Rihanna announced on Instagram that her latest Savage Fenty show is coming to Amazon on September 20. “We are working on creating the most bold, sexy, super energetic experience you can imagine!!” she wrote in the comment.

The last time Rihanna held a Savage Fenty show, her first, model Slick Woods went into labor, so naturally I expect something even crazier this time around.


Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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