Rihanna's Anti to Debut at #27 On Billboard's Top 200 Chart After Selling All of 460 Copies

Illustration for article titled Rihannas iAnti/i to Debut at #27 On Billboards Top 200 Chart After Selling All of 460 Copies

Just 14 hours after Rihanna’s mythical eighth album Anti dropped, late on January 27, it had been downloaded one million times. In addition to the full downloads, provided/paid for by Samsung for reasons that I still don’t fully understand, the album was streamed over 14 million times in the same time period. So, yes, a lot of people have listened to Anti in the past few days. But despite being certified as platinum by the RIAA, it will not top Billboard’s charts this week. Instead—as the tracking week for the chart ended January 28, and no one buys albums anymore—it’s debuting at #27.


Due to the album’s non-traditional (and sort of disastrous) release structure, Anti only sold 460 copies. HipHopDX writes:

The RIAA certified it platinum, but Billboard said it will not count those numbers. Instead, the chart reports that ANTI sold 15,896 album equivalent units, 460 album sales and more than four million streams.


Rihanna will likely be unaffected by this news.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Does this mean the Rihanna coverage will decline proportionately?