Rihanna Sounds, Uh, Pretty Decent Singing Amy Winehouse on The Voice

Rihanna, who’s been serving as a guest advisor on The Voice this season, helped one of the contestants out by guiding her on how to sing Amy Winehouse’s tortured classic “Back to Black.”


Watch the segment from Monday night’s episode above. Rihanna coaches 15-year-old Siahna Im on her selection by Winehouse, whose ballads are so specifically Amy that it’s tough to do her songs justice.

Wow. Rihanna sounds exactly like a person who sings in the music industry. Also, good form. The vocals sound especially different and unique when isolated on Vine on eternal loop.

Anyway, that was a good coaching session.

Here’s Siahna’s impressive final performance of “Back to Black.”

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Is Back to Black really the best choice for a 15 year old? Like... I feel like that is a song that should be sung by someone who has seen some shit, ya know?