Rihanna Says Her Long-Delayed Next Album Is 'Never Done Until It’s Done'

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Rihanna and her “try me” face are covering the inaugural issue of NME’s new free weekly magazine, wherein she explains what’s holding up her long-awaited eighth album.


In the issue, which hits U.K. newsstands on Friday, Rihanna addresses the album’s current status and also talks about feminism, “Bitch Better Have My Money” and...Taylor Swift.

On the status of her album, Rihanna reportedly says (via Pop Justice), “To me it’s never done until it’s done. Until the final moment.” (Aka, the Navy will have to chill for a minute.) “I have so many songs I love—and they’re so different—that it’s hard to actually put them all on the same album.”

Some of the onus is on Kanye. “We just have to wait to get back in the studio together,” says Rihanna. “His schedule and mine are totally opposite right now, but I think this month we’ll be back in the studio.”

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Wasn’t it the Black Eyes Peas who said they recorded more than 80 songs or something absurd like that for that one album? I like the idea that there’s too much good music to be pared down and be fully cohesive and whatnot, but I’m not sure that’s ultimately a good thing.