Rihanna Is Giving Us All Another Chance to Smell Like Her for St. Valentine's Day

The third scent from Rihanna’s RiRi trilogy “Kiss” is out, and as usual the ad campaign almost makes me want to start wearing perfume.

In a series of posts on Instagram Monday, Rihanna reminded us how the bottle for Kiss was chosen: By a baby.


Then she shared some of the behind the scene fun times that led to the exquisite portrait above, set to my favorite song to listen to while smoking a cigarette and staring in the mirror, “Love On The Brain.”

She writes,“With Valentines Day right around the corner I got something special for my ladies!!” Rihanna’s perfume is for us, the ladies. Thank you, Rihanna. Thank you.

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Are her perfumes any good? I feel like so many celeb perfumes smell cheap and they aren’t worth the money. But I really want Rihanna’s to smell super sexy 😜

Next time I’m at a Macy’s I will have to go take a whiff.