Rihanna Is Bubble

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Are you Bubble? Am I Bubble? Is a bubble Bubble? No! But I know who is Bubble, and would love to share the news.

In the upcoming film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Luc Besson’s (Leon and The Fifth Element) upcoming sci-fi adventure based on a comic strip which happens to be the most expensive French film ever made, Rihanna is (per the film’s new character posters) Bubble. Who is Bubble, you ask? I’m afraid I have no answer beyond her name, and details from the brief glimpses we’re given in the film’s trailer.


After what was admittedly not much research, I failed to find a character named “Bubble” mentioned in any description of the original comics series. Even a search of “Bulle” (which is apparently “bubble” en français) proved fruitless! I did find an interview with an actress who plays someone called “Bubble dancer,” but all she said about the role was that it is “interesting.” Zut alors! She has missed [a more lengthy description of her character]!

As for the trailer, “Bubble” appears for just a few seconds, and looks like a character who was cut out of the original edit of the “Lady Marmalade” video, which is honestly not a bad thing to look like:

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So here we are, three paragraphs into a post and still completely unaware of who Bubble is beyond, simply, Rihanna. But knowing Rihanna (I don’t actually know Rihanna), if she is Bubble, then Bubble will be worth watching.

Valerian opens this July. It will probably be a flop.

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