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Rihanna Heads to the Club, Comes Back With New Puppy

Illustration for article titled Rihanna Heads to the Club, Comes Back With New Puppy

When normal people have a night out at a club, they might return home with a sexy stranger or $50 worth of Taco Bell. Since Rihanna operates at some other type of supernatural level that we mere mortals will probably never fathom, she came home, not with a burrito, but with a puppy the same size as one. On the singer’s Snapchat, a video was posted that showed evidence of the new pet with someone narrating how it all went down. “She literally just went to the club, came back with a cage, wee-wee pads, food and a fucking dog!” said the person witnessing RiRi’s gloriousness. The puppy has been dubbed, “Pepe.”


Now if there’s some sort of secret nightclub where you could hang out with puppies à la cat cafe, I think we’d all like to know.

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we just keep driving

You can get all kinds of puppies at my club...mind you that club is my work and the only drinking that happens is at our Beer Tasting fundraiser. But still, plenty of puppies. Like the ones in my office right now: