Rihanna and Travis Scott Hooked Up in Front of Everyone at Fashion Week

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Rihanna and Travis Scott appear to be a couple. They were photographed at NY Fashion Week hooking up at after parties and making Justin Timberlake very uncomfortable. TMZ very nicely points out that the pair was “grinding and dry humping each other as if no one was watching.” What is new love for if not to make those around you feel deep shame? [TMZ; Us Weekly]


Candice Swanepoe took a terrible tumble at the Givenchy show. She handled it like a pro, but was definitely embarrassed, evidenced by her “no, I’m fine” gestures when an audience member tried to help her up. “Thank you to who ever picked me up off the runway tonight,” she wrote on Instagram. “Left with little scratches but mostly a bruised ego.”

Swanepoe wasn’t the only model who stumbled down the runway, the Givenchy runway had steps in the middle (the setting was supposed to be evocative of 9/11) and steps plus sky-high stiletto isn’t the best combination. [Elle]

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No. I do not like this relationship between Rih Rih and and Travis because he is a DICK. Story time.

A few of us were at an Iggy Azalea concert back before she got crazy big. Her biggest hit at the time was “Work” (and I still love that song). It was only a 700 cap venue and Travis Scott was the opening act. He came out and started rapping and everything was fine for a while. He was pretty good actually. Then he got jumped off he stage into the crowd - kind of crowd surfed and then rapped in the middle of the room with everyone - pretty cool. HOWEVER, when he got back on stage, his hat was gone. He stops the music and starts shouting into the mic “YO WHO STOLE MY HAT? NOT COOL GUYS GIVE ME MY HAT BACK RIGHT NOW.” I can see the crowd start searching and I see a small blond girl holding it up and waving. She was screaming, it’s here! Here you go! But she was so small he couldn’t see her. A bunch of us started pointing at her and shouting hit he was still just ranting into the mic and not even looking at the crowd. Then he shook his head and went “Fuck this” and then THREW THE MIC INTO THE CROWD as hard as possible. I saw my life flash before my eyes as it hurtled straight towards me but then hit the girl in front of me square in the mouth. She was bleeding and crying. It was thrown so hard it bounced off her face and hit my boyfriend in the head. Travis had stalked off the stage in a huff and security came, found the mic, and led the weeping girl away. Later Iggy came out and tried to make a playful joke about us giving Travis a hard time and the whole crowd started booing super loud. I could see she was taken aback. Travis was not her opening act for her second LA performance the following night.

Who the FUCK hurls a heavy microphone into a crowd of fans? That girl could have sued the crap out of him. I was hoping she didn't lose a tooth! Ever since then I've been vehemently against him. Fuck that guy. Run away Rih.