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Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Been FaceTiming Because Their Love Is Eternal

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chris Brown was recently spotted FaceTiming with Rihanna while in the studio recording new music. There are two shocking and terrible things in that sentence, but I don’t really feel like talking about Chris Brown’s music right now.

Reports THL:

An aspiring, young singer named Assata was in the studio with Chris, according to Media Takeout, and she was the one who witnessed and then Snapchatted about the FaceTime sesh between Chris and Rihanna! She claimed that the two were talking as if they were still “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Assata has since deleted her Snapchat evidence, but you can see screen grabs here! Another insider confirmed to the site that Chris and Rihanna are indeed back together! “[Rihanna] is taking it slowly. She still loves Chris, and wants to make sure that this time they do it RIGHT,” the source said!


Rih, could you please put down your phone and finish R8?



Unbeknownst to Amber Rose, a prostitution ring used a video of Amber Rose to lure women into their web of crime. The “LAPD is investigating a company” that “enticed [models] by setting up what they called a FaceTime session with Amber Rose.”

Reports TMZ: “When the models called in, they saw Amber struggling with a bad connection, that eventually failed. What the models didn’t know [was that] the company took an old video from Amber’s Ustream and made it look like she was actually on the phone.”


They would then be set up on dates with “rich guys” who asked “if they would be willing to be intimate” in exchange for getting “bigger projects.”


Here’s a photo of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Princess Beatrice, and Dave Clark in an Uber.


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