Right-Wing Dumbass Calls Hillary 'Our First Lesbian President'

Looks like American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer is quite the busybody! You see, he heard from the Daily Mail who heard from Gennifer Flowers (who apparently is bored I guess?) who heard from Bill Clinton's whispering penis that Hillary Clinton is a totally giant bisexual lezbo in the sack!!! And that means that she's obviously having sex with Huma Abedin, because that is the only possible explanation for why neither of them cares about all the puss their husbands are crushing on the reg! So that means that if Hillary ever got elected president—which she won't, because the Rapture or something probably—she'd not only be our first female president, she'd be our first lesbian president too. I can barely cope with the horror.


(Via Christian Nightmares.)

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Violet Baudelaire

This is completely untrue. Not very many people know, but historical research will conclusively show that Millard Fillmore was a transgender woman, but was unable to live as such. Still attracted to women, this would make him our first lesbian president!

Making things up - it's for everybody!