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Rielle Hunter's Plan B: "Marrying A Famous Actor"

Illustration for article titled Rielle Hunters Plan B: Marrying A Famous Actor

Everyone's learned to not dismiss the Enquirer when they talk Rielle Hunter. So when they dish on her "pursuing affairs" with movie stars — recently — we at least hear them out.


According to the Enquirervia HuffPo — Rielle has been on the hunt for wealthy men of late, having told some "friend" that "if she can't marry John Edwards, then marrying a famous actor is high up in those dreams of hers." Allegedly, when in Hollywood Hunter attempted to contact Matthew Perry, although the story hints that she made overtures to "at least a couple of famous men."

Take this with the proverbial grain of salt, of course — although with Hunter, it's probably equally unwise to rule anything out. While we can't deny that by the time we'd seen her self-deluding stint on Oprah we were kind of done with her, "Johnny" and the whole weird, sordid situation, she's that rare thing in modern celebrity: genuinely unpredictable. And as such, we doubt anyone's seen the last of Rielle.


Rielle Hunter Sought Affairs With Famous Actors: National Enquirer [Huffington Post]

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She sounds like a big Front 242 fan.

One - You lock the target

Two - You bait the line

Three- You slowly spread the net

And four - You catch the man