Fact: There is a a study out there, floating around on the Internet, to prove absolutely anything. For instance! Here's one today that suggests rich people are just plain old having a better time in the sack.

Guess it's a lot easier to switch off your brain and enjoy the sensations when you're not constantly calculating the interest incurred by making minimum payments on your credit cards.

Via the Daily News come the results of a massive Spanish sex survey, conducted by the Barcelona Public Health Agency in 2009. Now, 90 percent of respondents reported being "quite or very satisfied" with the general state of their sex lives. But when researchers began sorting through the 9,850 interviews, they found "found a correlation between socioeconomic status and sexual satisfaction, particularly notable among female respondents."

"People of a lower socioeconomic status claim to be less satisfied sexually, which especially applies to women, who seem to be more influenced by these factors," explained lead author Dolores Ruiz in a statement released Wednesday.

The more prosperous seemed to have a "better awareness of their own needs and a greater capacity for developing their sexuality in a way which is satisfying for them," according to the study.


So you're telling me that soap operas and romance novels about socialites are basically documentaries, and wealthy idlers really do while away the hours spent on private jets sexing amid bags from Hermès? Well that just figures.

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