Reykjavik Man Throws Yogurt at Parliament Building in Protest After Panama Papers

The Icelandic parliament building in Reykjavik, which was recently pelted with tubs of yogurt. (Image via Associated Press)

Yesterday’s massive Panama Papers leak, which revealed that hundreds of world leaders are socking money away in offshore accounts, has prompted a national protest against Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, whose account in the British Virgin Islands was uncovered.

A protest in front of the Icelandic parliament building is now underway, but one smiling gentleman got the party started early with some tubs of skyr, Iceland’s famous yogurt brand, which he allegedly threw at the building and smeared on the face of an officer.


(Now, listen: I’m not saying it’s good that he was arrested following this harmless and symbolic act, but if anyone smeared yogurt on my face, that person would need to run for their freaking life. Yogurt is one of the more disgusting foods that humans eat, and while I have not technically tried Iceland’s “skyr,” I assume it is as sour and gloppy as any other. That yogurt is now being used as a weapon is both horrifying and completely natural, as there is almost nothing more offensive.)

Despite calls for his resignation and a no-confidence motion filed by the opposition, Gunnlaugsson has so far refused to step down; The Guardian reports that the PM failed to declare his 50% stake in the offshore company Wintris, which many consider a significant conflict of interest, but that the publication “has seen no evidence to suggest tax avoidance, evasion or any dishonest financial gain.”

Today’s protest is expected to swell to 10,000 (Iceland’s population is about 320,000). Watch live footage here:

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