Retreat Featured Too Many Shared Dildos For One Man

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A lawyer is suing his firm after he claims we was pressured to attend a nude, dildo-sharing, penis-grabbing, new-age "men's retreat."


California attorney Steven Eggleston says in his complaint that he was approached by a supervisor at work who said "I can't tell you that you have to go as a requirement of your employment, but Steve, you really need to go to this."

When the guy refused to divulge anything more, Eccleston turned to Google where he learned that the org, ManKind Project (not to be confused with our wrestling friend Mick Foley), was under a cloud following one participant's suicide soon after returning from one such outing. He also learned, according to AOL, that "Men would be holding hands and walking naked, blindfolded, through a forest. Then they would sit nude in groups of 30 to 50, passing around a wooden dildo and giving lurid details of their sexual history. Eggleston said he found out that the men will grab each other's penises if they wish."

When this didn't sound fun and he declined attending "The New Warrior Training Adventure," he says he was harassed and punished by having his pay cut "to zero." The defendant, partner Brian Chase, says all this is nonsense, that plenty of people don't attend, and that in fact Eccleston, not a regular employee, was supposed to be paying off a loan to the company. He adds, "Because this group has a nudity angle, he filed a lawsuit to extort money out of me...At the end of a six-month period, he owed me $50,000. So what did he do? He quit." He doesn't seem to have denied anything about the retreat, which claims to be "a modern male initiation and self-examination....with an immensely rich mix of masculinity, with occupations and ages as wide as masculinity itself."

No word on what female associates are encouraged to do, although other options at the firm include "Tony Robbins seminars or Deepak Chopra books."

What Do You Say To A Naked Lawyer? Here's A Suit [AOL News via TBD]



My dad was involved in the mankind project and I've been to at least one of the weekend outings, and a few of the regular meetings. They're mostly a touchy-feely, get-in-touch-with-your-feelings group, NOT frat in any way (a lot of their work focuses on societal pressure on men to be violent, tought, unemotional, and unsupportive of women, and ways in which men can overcome this pressure).

There IS nudity, but in a very hippie way. The dildo is just a big piece of wood that endows the holder with permission to speak. Nobody grabs anybody's penises, and sexual details only come up if the dude speaking is dealing with a sexual issue (men talk about whatever their problems are, be they gambling, being emotionally unavailable for their families, sexual issues, father issues, etc.). The guys who participate in these kinds of events are usually your gentle bearded types - it's about as far from frat as you can get.

ManKind is pretty new-age, touchy-feely, white-men-trying-to-feel-like-native-americans. It's not lurid, and while it shouldn't be compulsory I think a good deal of the work they do is something that many Jezebels would appreciate.