Restraining Orders

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"Brian Miller, the owner of Manhattan Motorcars, said the Bentleys were more popular with Wall Street executives, not because they were less expensive, but because they attracted less attention. Yes, that is what Paris Hilton is going for too.


From a New York Times piece in tomorrow's paper about bonus season frugality fatigue, which we hear is almost as rough as "Hearing 'Actually Just Capitalist Rage' Maligned As 'Populist Rage' By Exorbitantly Wealthy People So Oblivious They Are Not Even Fun Despise Anymore Fatigue":

"They said they wanted to tone down their exposure and get something more staid and sedate," Mr. Miller said. "Later on they said they could come back and get something flashy."



It's all about color. If you're Bently is a classic silver or black, it's barely noticeable. Paris' problem is the hot pink. Clearly the bankers are completely correct on this issue.