Just in time for your office holiday party, a new study that links drinking and a desire to have unprotected sex. Someone should conduct a study that attempts to link scientists who are excited to go on vacation and the conducting of obvious studies.

In addition to getting raped and putting a lampshade on your head, drinking too much alcohol will make you want to bareback with impunity, which can in turn cause you to get AIDS. At least, according to a study published in the journal Addiction it can.

A meta-analysis conducted by a team of Canadian researchers found that as people drink more alcohol, their desire to have sweet, sweet condomless sex with a blurry stranger increases. At .1 BAC, at which women typically arrive after about 4 drinks and men after 5, study subjects were 5% more likely to not only have sex, but to do it without protection.

Researchers argue that since the 12 studies they analyzed showed that alcohol directly leads to unsafe sex, AIDS prevention efforts should include intoxication prevention efforts.


Getting drunk and acting stupid: who knew they were connected?!

Next week: not eating lunch and then looking at pictures of cake— does it make you want to eat the cake? I can't wait for science to find out.


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