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This afternoon, a reporter who covers the Michigan politics snapped a photo of what Tina Fey would describe as "grey faced men with $2 haircuts" glowering over women's fashion magazines. Accompanying the photo was the caption, "@MIHouseGOP members Victory, Pettalia, and Glardon: 'Don't say we don't understand women.'" Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (guttural disapproval sound continued after the jump).



So let's talk a little about how silly this picture/caption combo is with a little refresher on who these guys are and how they legislate. Recall: last year, the state's Republican House passed the so-called "rape insurance" bill, which would have required women to purchase a separate insurance rider to cover them in case they became pregnant as the result of rape and wanted to have an abortion. That bill was enacted this March. Michigan's state Republican lawmakers, in recent years, have participated in such non-woman-understanding endeavors like passing one of the country's most strict set of abortion restrictions and disciplining a pair of Democratic women for saying the word "vagina" during a debate about reproductive health care. Really.


In response, state Democrats tweeted a picture of a few liberal female representatives reading bills along with a caption that reads "Real women read bills not fashion magazines." (Can't they do both?)

The GOP reps shot back, claiming that the magazines were given to them by a female rep (SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE WOMEN!) and the photo was shot after her goading. And thus Eve brought about the fall of Man.

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