Reports of Reality Star Angela Raiola's Death Are Allegedly False

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According to close family and friends, incoming reports of Mob Wives star Angela Raiola’s death from lung and brain cancer are allegedly false.


Known affectionately as “Big Ang,” the VH1 reality star became a fan favorite for viewers during Mob Wives’ sophomore season.

Raiola was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015; the celebrity was informed that it had spread to her lungs and brain this past December.

Rumors of Raiola’s passing came only a day after she appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, where she discussed the emotional fallout of her last prognosis.

“First I thought I was cancer free. I was going to have a big party. Then a month later I was stage 4,” she said on the show, adding “I can’t make sense of this.”

After an influx of late night news posts announced Big Ang had succumbed to the disease, those close to her immediately took to outlets like Twitter to refute them.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, a fellow reality TV veteran and friend, took to Twitter to fend off inaccuracies, urging social media users and others to “stop with false reporting,” and pleading to “damn let them be.”


A purported “representative of Angela’s personal media” posted a statement on Twitter at 10PM EST that declared the rumors to be “TOTALLY INACCURATE,” and that sources were “reporting FALSE INFORMATION.” While the release reputedly confirmed that Raiola is “fighting” and in the hospital at this time, other details have not been divulged regarding her condition.


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She may still be alive now, but if she truly has cancer in her brain and lungs and is in hospital, she probably won’t be for much longer. I don’t understand this weird obsession with “fighting” terminal illness all the way to the end. As soon as her cancer spread she had no chance. I hope she was able to focus on spending quality time with her family and friends and that she wasn’t coerced into treatment that wouldn’t help her.