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Report: Still No Date Set for George Michael's Funeral

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Pop icon George Michael died more than six weeks ago, but there’s still no date in sight for his funeral, because toxicology reports to determine his exact cause of death have not been completed, according to The Sun. In fact, it may take several weeks before they are.


Reports the tabloid:

A source said: “In similar cases, toxicology tests can take around eight weeks, maybe a little longer, so I would have thought the results will come back towards the end of the month.

“There have been no new updates on the case — but from the moment of George’s death police have said it was not suspicious.”


After Michael’s autopsy was ruled “inconclusive,” rumors began to swirl about what led to him being found dead by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz on Christmas day. Crack cocaine and GHB were cited by various sources claiming to be in the know. Tweet’s from Fawaz’s Twitter account intimated suicide, though Fawaz later claimed his account had been hacked. After being investigated, Fawaz has reportedly been cleared of suspicion in Michael’s death.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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Slightly off topic: Growing up, my neighbor owned a mortuary. He had a contract with the city or state or county (whatever) to dispose of the cremains of paupers. I guess they don’t bury them anymore? He and his brother would get a bottle of wine and take a boat out on some designated lake and dump the cremated people overboard. It was sad to learn as a kid that some people really, really die alone.