Report: L'Wren Scott Was Closing Her Business This Week

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Cathy Horyn writes a moving tribute about her friend and recently deceased designer L'Wren Scott, which includes the tidbit that she was planning on closing her label soon, with an announcement this week.

In fact Scott's business had been struggling since its inception, as is the case with most fledgling fashion houses. Horyn saw this firsthand:

Like many small designers, she had problems managing her business: cash flow, finding the right managers, getting her goods out of Italian factories on schedule. Two years ago, our friendship was tested when, after hearing her troubles, I told her she should give herself a time limit to resolve matters or get out. Putting her health in jeopardy because of stress was not worth it, I told her.


Yet in a testament to her determination, she didn't give up, even after Horyn warned her against putting her health in danger for the label:

She didn't like the advice. And true to form, she dug in. She got her house in order and struck a number of deals, including one last year with Banana Republic, that gave her new exposure. In late November, after a week or so with Mick in Natchez, Miss., where he is producing a James Brown biopic, she sent a text from London that said, in part, "mad day fitting AMAZING things!!"

However, as Jezebel posted yesterday, the new ventures weren't enough, and Scott was $7 million in debt at the time of her death. This shouldn't discount her accomplishments however; influential celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker regularly wore her designs, and if you take Horyn's word for it, you'll see that L'Wren Scott was a lovely person.


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For me, depression wasn't triggered by just one thing, and my suicide attempt wasn't either. It was a slow, steady descent into hopelessness. A truly horrible fight with my abusive boyfriend at the time was the last straw, sure, but it wasn't the sole cause. And the fight wasn't what motivated me to do what I did. The sheer, seemingly endless depth of my despair was. It didn't matter that I had a 4.0 GPA, a good job, and an internship waiting for me that summer. I was done.

I hate that people speculate over "what made her do it." There will never be one solid answer. It's normal to wonder what would cause such a beautiful, talented woman to end her own life, but I really hope that while people wonder, they also think about the people she left behind.

I wish L'Wren had found help. I wish that she'd had some clear moment before she ended her own life wherein she knew how loved and important she was. I'm sorry for her friend. I'm sorry for Jagger. I'm sorry for her family. I can't imagine what it would feel like to have the entire world pick over the reasons behind the suicide of someone I loved. Depression is fucking awful. It is hell on earth. I hope that everyone involved in this tragedy finds peace someday.