Report: Alexis Arquette Died From 'Complications Related to AIDS'

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Image via Getty.

When Richmond Arquette shared the shocking news of his sibling Alexis Arquette’s death Sunday morning, he described the passing as “fast and painless,” adding that Alexis was “surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones.” Though no cause of death was shared at the time, a source has since confirmed to People that Arquette died from “complications related to AIDS.”


Though they provide no additional information, Radar is reporting a “former lover” of Arquette’s named Robert Dupont claims the transgender actress was also battling an infection and an “inoperable brain tumor.”

This is all tremendously sad to me, so I’m going to do my best to lighten the mood by watching this clip of Alexis singing Culture Club in The Wedding Singer.

Correction: Despite the use of “brother”/male pronouns in Robert Arquette’s statement about Alexis Arquette’s passing, descriptions of Arquette in this post were revised to their gender-neutral counterparts.

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Hey, friends! Join me in the Not Wrestling Over the Gendered Language section. Alexis was fantastic and great and was loved by many. Instead of being self-appointed pronoun monitors, let’s love on Alexis’ memory and realize some people will have it right and some people will have it wrong. AIDS sucks, brain tumors suck; all alleged Alexis-killers suck. Let’s not suck.