Rep. Joe Walsh Tells Diner Patrons that Sandra Fluke Really Ought to ‘Get a Job’

Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, who a few weeks ago ruminated on why everyone was being so mean to Rep. Todd Akin, went on a self-described "rant" on Saturday about how outrageous he thought it was for Sandra Fluke to speak at the Democratic National Convention. As Walsh demagogued from his perch on top of a diner booth, he told his audience that, instead of asking the government to pay for her contraception, Fluke, a "lifetime student," ought to "get a job," which probably isn't best advice for someone sitting cool-teacher-gonna-rap-with-the-students-style in a diner — the feeding trough of the unemployed and retired — to give out.


Joe Walsh to Sandra Fluke: ‘Get A Job' [TPM]

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Oh, no! Is that what people think of teachers who sit on desks when talking to students? I've done it a couple times this week because my feet were killing me, and I had no idea I was coming off like that!