Rent Lady Mary's Wedding Tiara! (Brooding Cousin-Husband Not Included)

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If you don't have $200,000 for a 45-carat diamond wedding tiara, don't fret: You can rent the same one seen on Downton Abbey's Lady Mary for a fraction of its value.


According to Glamour's Danica Lo:

British jeweler Bentley & Skinner has made the stunning headpiece—valued at around $200,000—available for rental. That means that at your own wedding, you can wear the actual tiara featured on Downton Abbey, for around a $2,000 rental fee per day.


The piece — again, the same one, as seen on tee vee— is Georgian, dating from around 1800. If you're not a huge fan of headpieces, it is "convertible to two brooches." Multi-functional! Brooding cousin-husband not included.

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Is this tiara-day on Jezebel? If so, I am ON BOARD. Here's my future-fantasy-wedding-tiara (of course, to get my hands on it I'd have to marry the Duke of Westminster's son... but he's pretty dishy and a girl can dream!):

Of course, if I got married in winter it wouldn't be appropriate, so I'd go for a holly-and-ivy Christmas-appropriate number, a la THIS: