Renisha McBride's Shooter Wants a New Trial Judge, Blames Facebook

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Theodore Wafer is requesting a new judge for his impending June trial in connection with the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride last year. Wafer is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and possession of a felony firearm after he shot McBride in the face when he found her on his porch in late one night in November.


A hearing to sort out a few pretrial motions is slated for Friday but what seems to be at stake now is the presiding Judge Qiana Lillard’s Facebook friends.

The prosecutors in Wafer’s case are some of Lillard’s friends on the social network. As a result, the defense asserts that Lillard might be swayed by her relationship with those attorneys, consciously or unconsciously.


A final decision has yet to be made. Wafer's trial begins on June 2.

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therealquash ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Do you know how many attorneys are friends with judges? (I mean "you" in the abstract, btw). Especially in a small legal community, everyone knows the judges. I am a really young lawyer in my town, relatively speaking, and I know probably 10 of the judges on a first name basis (and the rest from just seeing them all the time). (and for what it is worth, I live in Tampa—-not a small town). You know who else the prosecutors probably know well? Defense attorneys. Family law attorneys. White collar criminal attorneys. Personal injury lawyers. Haha. That is how it is. These are the people you associate with.

Judges have a right to engage with the people they see regularly, to learn about reputations, and yes! even make friends. As long as, in the end, they practice impartially. And most judges are good at doing that, I believe. At least the ones I know.