'Renaissance Fighter' Dad Forces Daughter To Sword-Fight Him

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Here's a guy who won't be winning any dad awards this week: Fremont Seay has been arrested for forcing his sixteen-year-old daughter to sword-fight with him until she collapsed.

Q13 Fox (via Geekologie) reports, "Fremont Seay, the father, tried to discipline his daughter by hitting her with multiple switches. Then as a tactic change, he made her dress in medieval clothing and fight him for hours with a wooden sword." Afterwards, she had a friend call 911 — when the cops came, he apparently told them "that he was a renaissance fighter and that because his daughter was 16, he had the right to fight her with a wooden sword." Because that's a thing.

This story is a little funny until you consider the part about how Seay's daughter was left with bruises and other injuries, and collapsed after two hours of fighting with her dad. Oh, and the part about how he started out by hitting her with switches. Seay and his wife have both been charged with second-degree assault. Here's hoping their daughter has somewhere safe to go, where nobody thinks being a "renaissance fighter" is a license for child abuse.


'Renaissance Fighter' Arrested After Forcing 16-Year Old Daughter Into Prolonged Mock Sword Battle [Q13 Fox, via Geekologie]

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He went medieval on her. Who does he think he is? Marcelles Wallace?