Reminder: Tell Us Your Triumph of Stupidity

And you could be one of two Jezebel readers invited to attend the Diesel NSFW Gawker Artist opening/mega-party at Gawker HQ on 1/28. Then check back next week to read the stupidest (best)! Contest details after the jump.

It's really very simple: just email the stupidest thing you've done that turned out to actually be the best (like, say, you canceled all of your Saturday night plans to stay home to watch an America's Next Top Model Marathon that you've already seen because you started and you just couldn't stop, but come Sunday, you discovered that you inadvertently dodged a bullet because your ex was at the party you missed) to We'll round up the greatest triumph of stupidity stories, then it's up to you to we'll choose your our two favorite.


Deadline for entries is midnight EST Monday, Jan. 25. [Rules.]

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