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Reminder: Pie Vs. Cake Polls Close At 1:55pm EDT

Illustration for article titled Reminder: Pie Vs. Cake Polls Close At 1:55pm EDT

It's not too late to cast your vote in our Pie Vs. Cake tournament. The latest matchups: Key Lime Pie vs. Sweet Potato; Red Velvet Cake vs. Coconut. Go, and satiate your appetite (for competition!). [March Madness, Day 4]


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In preparation for next week's battles, could folks who have never tasted pecan pie go out this weekend and find some? I love apple pie, and I love pecan pie, and if I had to choose, I would go pecan.

Apple pie has the built in advantage of being all-american, and it even has that damn song, plus it is very delicious. However, before everyone just mindlessly jumps on the apple pie bandwagon, educate yourself on the issues.

Don't just take what Glenn Beck says about apple pie and make it your choice.

I'm from the south, and it pains me to even suggest this, but even a frozen Mrs. Smith's pecan pie could change your life this weekend.

Educate yourself and choose for yourself.