Barbra Streisand’s basement mall is so fascinating that it even inspired Buyer & Cellar, a 2013 hit play by Jonathan Tolins. Tolins first learned about the mall while reading My Passion for Design and—like the rest of us—couldn’t let it go.

“Staring at Barbra’s faux mall, I made a joke: ‘How’d you like to be the guy who has to work down there?,’” he wrote in the New York Times. “Something about the notion stuck. I imagined a struggling actor getting hired to man the floor and greet the customer. What would the job entail? Would the lady of the house come down to shop, like Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess in her backyard at Versailles?”


Buyer & Cellar, a one man show, earned its lone actor Michael Urie a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance and continues to be run across the country.

Basically, anyone who reads about Barbra’s basement mall—well, anyone who reads about Barbra’s basement mall and has a deep interest in the strange lizard people/illuminati who run Hollywood—becomes automatically obsessed with it.


Good luck remembering anything else the next time you think or dream about Barbra Streisand. If you can put her basement mall to the back of your mind, you’re a stronger than me and Bab’s profile put together.

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Image via Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Universal Pictures.