Traditionally, when the President travels somewhere that place is fully aware of where he’ll be and when for small reasons like security and crowd control. You know, simple things that take more than a few hours to plan properly. So why wasn’t anyone in Alamo, Texas alerted to this auspicious visit? It’s highly likely that we are looking at the second coming of the Four Seasons Landscaping incident.

You see the Alamo, you know the one from history class, is surprisingly not located in Alamo, Texas. It’s in San Antonio. I’ll let all you non-Texans have a moment to absorb that mind-blowing information. Was Trump trying to go to the Alamo to make some sort of rousing speech about the border in front of a historic landmark? Was he hoping to send a message to all the history buffs that support him but got stymied by the small matter of geography? The world may never know.