Remember When Celebrities First Started Using The Internet?

Behold: Kurt Loder's investigative report for MTV News from 1995, in which he asks the big-name celebs of the day if they've started to use this crazy new thing called the World Wide Web. Sandra Bullock, Dave Matthews, Coolio, and The Smashing Pumpkin's Billy Corgan all seemed pretty cool with the existence of the internet, and Newt Gingrich found banning porn to be a "violation of free speech." Burning question: Can we start calling people Cyber Journalists again?

[Grantland via Vulture]

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This made my day. "This thing called the Internet". It's completely mind blowing to see how far it has come in such a short time. When you stop and think for a moment, our technology usage has completely exploded.

The fact that I check Jezebel multiple times a day and comment on it is something that wouldn't have crossed my mind in high school. Blogs? Huh? Myspace was the most AMAZING thing then.

Going farther back, I can remember when I had an email address on AOL and used dial-up to connect. That was the height of internet communcation at the time and now I have my work email and a personal email, in addition to Facebook, Okcupid etc.

Farther back? I remember not knowing about the internet at all. At that time, car phones were the most exciting thing to happen.

Internet use now seems like second nature to me. I can't imagine not having it in my life and yet it wasn't too long ago that it really WASN'T in my life. Doesn't it amaze you at how fast we adapt? It blows my mind.